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The Importance of Biosecurity


The Importance of Biosecurity For poultry farmers, an effective biosecurity program will have a positive impact on the economic performance of your flocks. Simple measures can be taken to promote biosecurity at your farm. By cleaning carefully and regularly, limiting contact from visitors, and being careful not to bring in disease. Biosecurity is crucial

South Africa’s Poultry Farming Industry


South Africa’s Poultry Farming Industry: A valuable economic contributor The Value of the Poultry Industry South Africans have a taste for chicken. Current industry statistics show that of all the meat bought and consumed in the country, chicken makes up 60% of it. This is not surprising as chicken is a relatively low-cost, good

Our future depends on sustainable forestry


Our future depends on sustainable forestry The earth’s lifeline Our forests are our lifeline. Without the vital oxygen produced by trees, humanity would not survive. Not only do the earth’s forests create oxygen, but they also absorb vast volumes of carbon dioxide and harmful fossil fuel emissions, thereby helping to reduce global warming. As the

The lifecycle of wood shavings

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The lifecycle of wood shavings Wood shavings are a sustainable product Wood shavings have a myriad of end-user applications from packaging for fragile goods to poultry bedding and ultimately, as a valuable aid in the agriculture industry. Part of their appeal is that they are an easy-to-produce product which is inherently hygienic, non-toxic,

Pine: a popular and versatile timber


Pine : a popular and versatile timber Sunday afternoons spent doing family puzzles on the lounge floor. Comforting Buster in his kennel on a stormy night. Some of life’s most important moments are made possible by Pine. Pine has endured as a first-choice timber for many different things from furniture to flooring; packaging material

The importance of quality wood shavings

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The Importance of Quality Pine Wood Shavings When choosing suitable animal bedding for your chickens, horses or small pets, pine Wood Shavings should always be at the top of your list. Let us tell you why… Not only do pine Wood Shavings smell wonderfully aromatic thanks to their natural odour-absorbing oils, they have ammonia-reducing

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