At MERCOR SHAVINGS we understand the hardship that COVID-19 has put on so many South Africans. Our teams have been taking extreme measures to ensure that we keep our people safe and eliminate the spread of the Coronavirus.

MERCOR SHAVINGS is an essential service provider to the food industry and therefore it is our duty to you, the people of South Africa, to continue to provide quality wood shavings for the well-being and care of animals.

We have managed to ensure a strict ‘work at home policy’ for all of our office staff, while our factory teams have been hard at work to keep up with orders, all the while ensuring a safe and healthy working environment.

Fortunately we have the technology to manufacture shavings during the national lockdown. However with that comes a great responsibility and challenge. We have set up extreme measures of sanitisation when entering our premises. Extra hand basins, soap stations, temperature screening, personal protective clothing and foot dipping stations are just a few of the measures that we have set up to ensure that our staff and production remains safe.

We welcomed COVD-19 Government Officials at our factory last week. They were friendly, efficient and thorough with their evaluation.  We are proud to report that they were highly impressed with the responsible measures that we have put into place. We would like to thank these officials as they stand at the front line, ensuring our safety during these times.

It is with great pride that we continue to be of service and maintain the delivery of wood shavings. We are in this together as we continue to fight the pandemic as a nation.