The Importance of Biosecurity

For poultry farmers, an effective biosecurity program will have a positive impact on the economic performance of your flocks. Simple measures can be taken to promote biosecurity at your farm. By cleaning carefully and regularly, limiting contact from visitors, and being careful not to bring in disease. Biosecurity is crucial to the success of any operation.

Biosecurity is also the cheapest and most effective means of disease control available. No single disease prevention program will be effective without taking proper biosecurity measures. At Mercor Shavings we feel that biosecurity is made up of three major components:

  • Isolation
  • Traffic Control
  • Sanitation

Isolation refers to the confinement of birds within a controlled environment. Poultry houses keep your birds inside, regulated and protected from the elements, as well as keeping out unwanted visitors. If your birds have outdoor access, it is extremely important that you use fencing. Isolation also applies to isolating your sick birds from the healthy ones to prevent further spreading of disease.

Traffic control is not only about supply and delivery to and from your farm, but also regarding visitors and the traffic patterns within the farm. Monitoring and restricting as much movement to and from your farm will add a huge benefit to your biosecurity measures. Limit the number of people that come into contact with your chickens, especially if your visitors have birds themselves.

Sanitation applies to cleaning and disinfecting materials, equipment and people entering the farm, alongside a hygienic way of working. Effective biosecurity and cleanliness go hand in hand. Parasitic, bacterial and viral diseases can stay around for weeks in dirty environments. Ensure visitors sanitise correctly and that foot dipping stations are placed outside of your houses

Adequate management of poultry bedding is also important when focusing on your Biosecurity. Turning bedding and removing wet spots is important in maintaining a good quality environment. Remove wet bedding and replace it with fresh dry bedding wherever possible or use premium quality bedding such as Poultrysorb™ or Five Star Wood Shavings for better and longer results. At Mercor Shavings we also offer Paraformaldehye Prills with our shavings as an extra preventative measure.

Biosecurity is an important part of keeping your flocks safe and healthy. An effective biosecurity program will have a positive impact on the performance of your flock. As mentioned above, simple measures can be taken to promote biosecurity at your farm.