The Importance of Quality Pine Wood Shavings

When choosing suitable animal bedding for your chickens, horses or small pets, pine Wood Shavings should always be at the top of your list. Let us tell you why…

Not only do pine Wood Shavings smell wonderfully aromatic thanks to their natural odour-absorbing oils, they have ammonia-reducing properties as well.

The absorbency of the pine shavings lowers contamination caused by animal waste and removes excess moisture, which could lead to mould or create an inhospitable environment.

Pine Wood Shavings reduce pressure on your animals feet and skin which reduces stress on joints. They also regulate temperature therefore ensuring a comfortable and regular environment.

Ammonia, dust, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and excess water vapor are the main contaminants of air quality when housing chickens. When in excess, they radically reduce bird health and performance. Pine Wood Shavings reduce this problem by diluting faecal material, therefore reducing the contact between the birds and the litter, as well as insulating the chicks from the cooling effect of the floor, thereby creating an optimum environment for development.

In order to achieve the benefits of pine Wood Shavings and avoid any potential problems, it is important to use high-quality, screened shavings. The screening eliminates dust, which could cause respiratory problems for your animals.

Pine Wood Shavings are also an excellent choice for Animal Bedding as they are gentle on the environment, 100% biodegradable, completely safe, eco-friendly and nurturing for animals.