Mercor Wood Fibre

Graded Wood Fibre

Mercor Graded Wood Fibre is fine sawdust that has been screened to a specific sized granule and graded to remove all foreign matter and impurities. It is used as a soak-up for oil and other spills and is useful for engineering shops and workshops. Graded Wood Fibre is also a key ingredient in the manufacturing of wood plastic and rubber composites.

  • Highly Absorbent
  • Free from Impurities
  • Eco-friendly

Wood Fibre is also used in a variety of products and industries such as:
• Production of Wood Filler and Wood Putty.
• Dietary fibre found in animal feeds.
• A substance used when tapping resin from trees within the Agricultural industry.

Graded Wood Fibre Packaging

Available in
• Grade Wood Fibre (+-12kg )
• Graded Food Fibre (+- 30kg)

Graded to specific size granules according to our customers specifications